Basic Trauma Course

This course enables delegates to accurately diagnose, investigate and manage common orthopaedic emergencies. It is ideal for those doctors who are starting an A+E or Orthopaedic attachment. It is also a great learning aid for those studying for surgical exams. Don’t get grilled in the Trauma meeting or caught out on call – impress your new consultant!

The Basic Trauma course has been awarded 6CPD point
by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh


Course Programme Timetable (full day)

8.30 am
Registration & Breakfast
9.00 am
Introduction & Quiz
9.30 am

General Principles

  • History and examination
  • Radiograph description
  • Fracture configuration and personality

10.00 am
1.00 pm

Divide into 5 groups for practical stations rotating

9.30 am
Group 1 “Common fractures


  • Upper limb fractures (Shoulder/humerus/elbow/forearm/hand)
  • Lower limb fractures (Hip/ femur/knee/tibia/ankle)
  • Paediatric fractures
9.30 am
Group 2 “Immobilisation and plastering


  • Application of Thomas splint
  • Application of a back slab
  • Application of an aboke knee cast
  • Application of a Colles cast
Group 3 “Dealing with emergencies


  • Septic arthritis and knee aspiration
  • Open fractures
  • Compartment syndrome/pressure measuring and  fasciotomies
Group 4 “Operative session


  • DHS on a saw bone
  • K wiring of distal radius fracture on saw bone
Group 5 “Pre operative station


  • How to scrub
  • Donning of gloves
  • Preparation and draping of surgical area
1.00 pm
2.00 pm


2.00 pm
4.30 pm

Continue practical stations

4.30 pm
MCQ’s, Quiz and answers
5.15 pm
Certificates / Summary / Handouts

Course Prices –  Full Day Basic Trauma Course   £ 295

Refreshments and lunch provided on the course are included in the above prices.
**Courses fully certified and accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance Services