ECG Survival Course

This course caters for junior doctors in any hospital based speciality, or those working in an accident and emergency environment. This survival course covers in detail an easy and reproducible method of interpreting ECG seen in common practice.

Course Programme Timetable (full day)


8.45 am
Registration & Breakfast
9.00 am
Introduction and outline of the course
9.15 am
Anatomy and physiology of the heart

9.45 am

ECG set up

10.15 am
The “normal” ECG
11.30 am
Sinus and atrial rhythm abnormalities
12.00 am
1.00 pm

Myocardial infaction spotting

2.00 pm Junctional rhythm abnormalities
2.30 pm Ectopic beats and rhythms
3.00 pm Refreshments and discussion
3.15 pm Ventricular rhythm abnormalities
4.00 pm AV blocks and bundle branch blocks
4.45 pm
Ten steps to ECG recognition
5.30 pm
Certificates / Summary / Handouts

Course Prices –  Full Day ECG Survival Course   £ 220

Refreshments and lunch provided on the course are included in the above prices.
**Courses fully certified and accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance Services