X-ray Survival Course

Training4doctors offers a Foundation Radiology Course aimed at senior medical students and junior doctors. It is particularly useful for doctors new in their career or those about to start an Accident and Emergency attachment.
Each course provides a systematic, methodical approach to interpreting radiographs routinely encountered by junior doctors and those staff in the emergency department.
Avoidance of common mistakes and expert tips and tricks in identifying subtle pathologies are covered by the experienced faculty.

Course Programme Timetable (full day)


8.30 am
Registration & Breakfast
9.00 am Introduction & Quiz
9.30 am
General Principles


  • How to read radiographs
  • Radiographic Views
  • Inadequate Radiographs
10.00 am


11.00 am

C- Spine

11.30 am Upper Limb – Shoulder, Elbow Wrist, Hand
1.00 pm
1.30 pm
1.30 pm Real Life Scenarios
2.30 pm
Lower Limb – Hip/Knee/Ankle
3.30 pm


4.00 pm Tips and Tricks
4.30 pm
Medicolegal Perspectives
5.00 pm Certificates / Summary / Handouts

Course Prices –  Full Day X-ray Survival Course   £ 220

Refreshments and lunch provided on the course are included in the above prices.
**Courses fully certified and accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance Services